Boymans – an authentic family business

The Boymans family started extracting sand and gravel from their own sand quarries in Oirsbeek and Puth, in the Dutch province of Limburg, back in 1933. These extraction sites were exhausted in 1985, and were integrated into the landscape. Since that time, Boymans has used their extensive knowledge of logistics as a transport company for the import and export of functional and decorative natural stone aggregates. The current wholesale business in natural stone aggregate was started in 1997 and has developed into a large, permanent network of reliable hauliers.

About Ron Boymans, your personal contact

Ron grew up among the machines and trucks in his father’s sand quarries in Oirsbeek and Puth, once operated by his grandfather. His fascination with sand, stones and the surrounding logistics began in his childhood. After the sand quarries were exhausted and reintegrated into the landscape, the Boymans put their expertise into operating a transport company. Ron, who studied geology and logistics, knows exactly which stone is appropriate for any environment. With a large network of quarries throughout Europe and regular carriers, he ensures that the ideal stone for every job gets to the right destination.